Our Team

Meet the individuals behind the CEEUS team!

HR, Administration & Marketing

Jennifer Howell

Director of HR and Loss Control

Julie Frick

Executive Assistant

Crystal Frisina

Supervisor of Marketing & Administration

Caroline Crouch

Front Desk Coordinator

Courtney Moore

Administrative Coordinator

Lolita Neeley

Benefits Administrator

Rachel Anderson

Talent Acquisition & Onboarding Business Partner


Jessica Ackerman

Supervisor of Accounting

Holly Gloudeman

Accountant I

Pamela Harness

Accountant I

Dayanna Cruz

Accountant I

Sales & Supplier Relations


Scott Bryant

Director of Business Development

Trey Brown

Account Manager

Hunter Counts

Supervisor of Customer Service, CEEUS

Travis Kyzer

Senior Customer Service Rep, CEEUS

Scott Lesnieski

Senior Customer Service Rep, CEEUS

David Daniel

Customer Service Rep I, CEEUS

Evan Davis

Customer Service Rep I, CEEUS


Traci Wietrick

Director of Broadband

David Harrison

Account Manager, Broadband

Terry Page

Supervisor of Customer Service, Broadband

Dylan Vanlandingham

Customer Service Rep I, Broadband

Line Equipment

Grant Bouknight

Account Manager, LE

Will Kish

Supervisor of Customer Service, LE

Bryan McBroom

Customer Service Rep II, LE

Ross Sewell

Customer Service Rep I, LE

Supplier Relations

Rick Govern

Director of Supplier Relations

Brooks Massey

Supplier Relations Rep I


Inventory and Sales Operations

Robert McLeod

Manager of Inventory and Sales Operations

Mike Prestash

Supervisor of Inventory Managers

Brian Cook

Senior Inventory Manager

Rosie Reynolds

Inventory Manager

Ray Schmidt

Inventory Manager

Dylan Schermbeck

Inventory Manager

Ryan Harbin

Inventory Manager

Zack Ricard


Chance Laffin


Florencia Sotelo


Austin Sargent

Supervisor of Inventory Control & Sales Operations

Garrett Johnston

Inventory Control Specialist

Catherine Herndon

Customer Service Specialist

Riley Fischer

Inventory Control Associate

Kevin Moore

Customer Service Coordinator


Rondeau Hensley

Warehouse Manager

Kellen Craft

Supervisor of Warehouse

Matthew Stegall

Supervisor of Material Handlers

Brandon Wooten

Material Handler II

Sam Clarke

Material Handler/Safety Advisor

Jason West

Material Handler I

Jacob Smith

Material Handler I

Daniel Hall

Material Handler I

Brett Yon

Material Handler I

Anthony Thayer

Material Handler I

Hunter Bickley

Material Handler I

Dallas Johnson

Material Handler I

Ethan Adams

Material Handler I

Parker Shelton

Material Handler I

Truck Drivers

Tommy Gunter

Truck Driver

Chip Hodge

Truck Driver

Earl Mills

Truck Driver

Randy Kyzer

Truck Driver

David Montjoy

Truck Driver

Larry Cockrell

Truck Driver

Test Lab and Tool Repair

Chris McGee

Manager of Test Lab & Tool Repair

Test Lab

Colton Wooten

Supervisor of Rubber Goods Testing

Josh Holman

Rubber Goods Tech I

Walter Napper

Rubber Goods Tech I

Gavin Houk

Rubber Goods Tech I

Rachel Wise

Rubber Goods Tech I

Tracy Chavis

Rubber Goods Tech I

Jacob Carroll

Rubber Good Tech I

Tool Repair

Devin Reynolds

Tool Repair Tech I

Zachary Harris

Tool Repair Tech

Technology and Business Systems

Brad Ellis

Manager of Information Systems

Nathan Shipitz

Systems Administrator

Justin Landy

IT Support Tech I

Jimmy Carlen

Business Process Consultant

Josh Barkley

Business Process Consultant

Other Markets

Jay Monahan

Director of Operations, VA

Campbell Haddon

Sales Support Rep

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