CEEUS Under Contract On Recently Constructed 187,000 SQ FT Warehouse To Bolster New Territory Expansion

CEEUS Under Contract On Recently Constructed 187,000 SQ FT Warehouse To Bolster New Territory Expansion

August 21, 2023

WEST COLUMBIA, SC. – Following the recent announcement of service territory expansion plans into Virginia, Maryland and Delaware, Cooperative Electric Energy Utility Supply, Inc. (CEEUS, Inc.) has announced they are in the process of purchasing a warehouse north of Richmond.

Situated on 31 acres inside of an existing industrial park allowing for future expansion and located off of I-95 in Glen Allen, Virginia, this 187,000 sq ft warehouse will allow CEEUS to support customers in the Virginia, Maryland and Delaware area. The company plans to start serving customers in this area in 2024.

President and CEO Chad Capps is “excited for what this means for CEEUS and the electric cooperatives in this area. We believe we have the business model and company culture to make an immediate impact and build a strong supply line for the electric utility and broadband market in this area so they can continue to serve their customers with confidence and stability.”

CEEUS will be delivering the same service-oriented business model to the Virginia, Maryland and Delaware area that has solidified them as a prominent name in the industry. Bob Paulling, President & CEO of Mid-Carolina Electric Co-op, shares that “the type of support we receive from CEEUS insulates us from a lot of the supply chain headaches we hear from many of our peers.  We are really excited for the cooperatives in Virginia, Maryland and Delaware to experience the superior service CEEUS provides.”

“CEEUS has been our backstop and the importance of CEEUS has really been amplified in the last couple of years.  They have been able to grow with us and provide us the services we need,” comments Berl Davis, President & CEO of Palmetto Electric Cooperative and current CEEUS Vice Chairman.  As CEEUS expands into new states, “the board is looking forward to the company developing new relationships and leveraging their supply chain expertise” adds Mr. Davis.

This new location will be supported by the experienced personnel and operations from their headquarters in West Columbia, SC, allowing CEEUS to continue their tradition of delivering everything you need to power our world.

About CEEUS, Inc.
Organized in 1974, CEEUS, Inc. is a wholesale electrical distributor in West Columbia, South Carolina that serves South Carolina and beyond by providing the leading technology and best prices in the industry. Offering additional services such as tool repair and a rubber goods testing facility, CEEUS, Inc. and their subsidiary Line Equipment Sales Company proudly serves South Carolina cooperatives, municipals and investor-owned utilities as well as contractors and electric customers across the nation. With a knowledgeable and dedicated workforce CEEUS continues to be a reliable partner so their customers can serve their local communities.

For more updates, please follow CEEUS, Inc. on social media and visit their website www.ceeus.com.

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