CEEUS, Inc. Announces Contract to Upfit Recently Purchased 247,000 Sq Ft Warehouse

CEEUS, Inc. Announces Contract to Upfit Recently Purchased 247,000 Sq Ft Warehouse

April 12, 2023

WEST COLUMBIA, SC –Cooperative Electric Energy Utility Supply, Inc. (CEEUS, Inc.) purchased a recently completed warehouse at Platt Springs Road and Colite Avenue. Located less than one mile from their current campus, CEEUS, Inc. anticipates this new headquarters which will include both office and warehouse space to be fully operational by Summer of 2024.  President and CEO Chad Capps is, “excited about the opportunities this could bring to our customers and suppliers.”

With unprecedented growth in recent years and a commitment to serve their customers and support their suppliers, this additional space became necessary in order to store inventory and accommodate an expanding workforce. The new warehouse will provide 247,000 square feet of heated warehouse space and 70,000 square feet of outdoor storage space. The office space will triple to 60,000 square feet in order to accommodate new staff.

Mr. Capps commented, “Upon being presented with a number of growth opportunities to take us into the future, we knew we’d have to be intentional with our plans to meet the vision we have for CEEUS. This expansion is the next step in making that happen.”

CEEUS, Inc. and their subsidiary Line Equipment Sales Company, Inc. will continue to serve customers throughout construction. While focus will be placed on designing their new warehouse space to better support their customers and suppliers, they remain steadfast in their commitment to provide everything their customers need to power our world.

Mr. Capps continued, “Our vision for CEEUS over the last two years challenged our teams to build on the heights we’d already reached and due to their hard work and collective accomplishments, we are able to take these steps to realize future growth potential. We will continue to invest in technology, develop our people and refine our processes with the goal to be better in every aspect of our business.”

About CEEUS, Inc.
Organized in 1974, CEEUS, Inc. is a wholesale electrical distributor in West Columbia, South Carolina that serves South Carolina and beyond by providing the leading technology and best prices in the industry. Offering additional services such as tool repair and a rubber goods testing facility, CEEUS, Inc. and their subsidiary Line Equipment Sales Company proudly serves South Carolina cooperatives, municipals and investor-owned utilities as well as contractors and electric customers across the nation. With a knowledgeable and dedicated workforce CEEUS continues to be a reliable partner so their customers can serve their local communities.

For more updates, please follow CEEUS, Inc. on social media and visit their website www.ceeus.com.

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